Hope you can join Yasmin & myself for this special event at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of York

(925 S. George St. York, PA 17403)

All Good Things,

(a special Double Service, Sunday, November 28th)

Sufi Dance leader Yasmin Haut  and poet John Terlazzo will co-lead this morning's special Double Service beginning at 9AM & running straight through until 11:30 AM in the Sanctuary.  The Dances of Universal Peace grew out of the old tradition of Sufi Ecstatic Dance and arose in the West in San Francisco around 1968 when Murshid Samuel Lewis responded to the Mystic voice of his teacher, Hazrat Inayat Khan. Lewis began teaching communal Dances simultaneously combined with chants from many different Spiritual traditions, including the Sufis, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and more.  The practice spread with a great Joy & now there are Dances of Universal Peace happening every day across the entire Globe.  The Dances, deep & tender in their expression, are easy to learn & twice as easy to get lost in.  No dance or singing experience is needed, only a desire to open the Heart.  Yasmin will lead the Dances & chants while accompanied by Terlazzo & others on guitar, harmonium, Egyptian Tar (hand drums), etc.  John Terlazzo will also tell folk tales from the varied traditions introducing many of the Dances.  If you feel your particular body is not up to dancing, come anyway, we will have provisions in place for you to sit comfortably on a chair & join in the chant, or listen in silence Participants can move in & out of the circle as they like, throughout. 

All are welcome...